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Add a personal touch to your Wedding Invitations, Place Cards, Albums, Menus, Poetry, Quotations, Books, Book Plates, Inscriptions, Awards, Citations, Certificates or Commemorative Scrolls, by creating a lasting, cherished commission through the ancient and beautiful craft of the calligrapher.

What will it cost?

We are carrying on a tradition, started on the original Calligraphy, by making our site as easy to navigate and customer friendly as possible. Want to know what your calligraphy commission is likely to cost before you contact us? It couldn’t be easier. Just follow our suggestions set out below. Take a look at the clickable panels below, labelled A, B and C. These contain 18 calligraphy fonts in each panel priced according to their difficulty to write which in turn affects the time required to complete your commission. Each panel has it’s charge per word shown in the bottom left corner. So regardless of the style of writing you choose it is a simple matter to multiply the number of words you require by the cost per word indicated. This gives you the basic writing charge for your piece. If you require additions like decorative ascenders or descenders, decorative capitals or specific colours. This can be discussed and costed separately. Please note there is a minimum order charge of £35

My Portfolio

The Galleries below showcase a selection of work spanning the last 40 years. During that time, and indeed, for almost 20 years before it, I have had many unusual and interesting commissions from all over the world. Not many calligraphers have been asked to write on 26 Ostrich eggs for a PR company or to customise a familys favourite Christmas tree bauble. But not all my work leans toward the bizzare. I was very proud to be asked to write the invitations to the very first SUN Military Awards Ceremony. To access my galleries place your mouse over an image to get a description and then click to enter the gallery, there are 8 different galleries at present and these can be accessed by using the left and right scroll arrows on the images below.